Baby #3 is coming this Tomorrow at the latest - from what I'm told. 

Please JOIN ME in Praying for Mom and baby to have a healthy birth!
(Pictures to come)

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy graduate last year, but was one of my closest guys. He is playing golf professionally now on the tour. It has been a joy to continue investing in him and supporting him spiritually as he looks to share the love of Christ with other golfers.  Here he's sharing about some of what AIA meant to him.
THANK YOU for the role you play in our partnership!!

Former UVA All-American and current professional golfer shares about the impact AIA made on his collegiate and professional careers.

Bryce, Cole, and Anzel get baptized!

Last Sunday we had the privilege of joining The Point Church in Charlottesville for the Baptism of Bryce, Cole, and Anzel. The Lord has compelled with excitement the need for each of these student athletes to make a public declaration of the inward reality of the work the Lord is beginning in them!

baptism bryc, cole, anzel.JPG


What started as Bryce and Cole (UVA FB) asking to be baptized before heading home for the summer resulted in 12 other baptisms at the church that Sunday morning, including Anzel, our field hockey friend!
We were grateful to be a part of this celebration. Thank you for enabling this!!


Parent Response!

“Did my son come to Christ through you this year?” he asked pointedly after being introduced at the football spring game. Noticing something was different, Dillon's father used the first moment we found ourselves alone to ask! His son, had started meeting with me individually and coming regularly to AIA this year. What a transformation we’ve seen! He went on, “I couldn’t even get him to come to church back home and now he’s telling us he goes to church… and AIA… and a bible study… and he does a fight club. I told his grandparents and they were so excited”

This man pictured below has been such an bright spot to the our ministry this year! A giant of a man with a giant of a heart for the Lord! Pray for him!



Grateful for Gospel conversations

This year marked a rise in the number of folks we were able to share the gospel with. Maybe in part for it being our second year on campus. Please pray for the Lord to continue orchestrating times that we could share the gospel like with Tim and Ryan and so many others!!

Thank You for your continued prayerful and financial support we couldn't do this without you!!

And Finally...