Baby Tripp, House Flood, and Baseball

Introducing our newest addition

Tripp Thomas Hughes


Tripp Thomas Hughes
May 16th, 2018 @ 8:35 am
21 inches
7 Pounds 13 Ounces

Thank you for your prayers. Mom and baby are healthy and doing well. We praise God for the ability to have a c-section and keep everyone safe and alive!

House Flood

We are share this news with optimistic hope that God is using all things for our good, to conform us into his image and we are grateful this story isn't a lot worse! But it stings a little!

On the 2 week anniversary of baby Tripp we caught the tail end of Alberto collecting 9" of rain overnight. My neighbors who have been here 30 years and another 19 years both took on water for the first time....

And our basement did too!

Praise God for some insurance adjusting knowledge - (By the way groundwater is not covered! haha)

  • We got the water out and stuck fans and dehumidifiers in place!
  • Trashed a bunch of stuff!
  • Tore out the paneling and flood cut the drywall!

All seemed to be managed well enough....

Then we stumbled upon a sizable foundation crack and a rotted sill plate previously hidden behind our paneling. It also turns out we will have to rip out the concrete patio to provide relief and grade away from the house in the back.

Please pray for wisdom and financial nunchuck skills as we put the place back together. We are grateful to God this happened outside of the school year and while I was at home! 

We're also grateful this sinkhole happened 600 YARDS AWAY and not closer!


Congratulations to the baseball men that I connected with during their career here that were drafted in the 2018 MLB Draft last week! 

Daniel Lynch -  1st round - Kansas City Royals
Andy Weber - 5th round - Chicago Cubs


Please pray for Caleb Knight who was injured most of this season and looking to sign with a team. Caleb toughed out playing this season with a broken hand which dropped his draft stock, but I've been so encouraged hearing that he is confident in God's plan for his life and knows that God has him just where he needs to be. Praise God!

Finally - The football guys return later this week. Please be praying for God to be at work over the summer in fight clubs, discipleship, and home outreaches! I'll be working with them and preparing for a Charlottesville Tom Sox (college summer baseball team) chapel coming soon.