Not in over our head...


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Our first large group meeting drew to a close in prayer after the message. Immediately the student athletes got up, put on the backpack and filed through the door. Everyone was gone!!! And it was only five minutes since we concluded!

This is a problem!

Was fellowship after meetings dead? What about all of the great after-meeting convos - No chance?

One thing was noticeable -- NO FOOD!

 As the saying goes..."even a party without food is just a meeting."

Since then we have provided Chick-fil-a nuggets, chopped veggies and hummus, Big Cookies, Bekah's homemade coconut Popcorn, and bottled waters. Slowly more and more folks are hanging around willing to talk. This is just one small thing we can do to increase our effectiveness to change lives. Please pray that fellowship and questions will grow after our meetings!

While it has been exciting to engage with athletes through ongoing bible studies and individual meetings, Chili Dinner, Lasagna Night, and Back to School Barbecue, we are super excited to to begin inviting them into our home for dinner - Thanks to some Baseball guys our first week of opening our dinner table is in the books. Please pray that this change will have a strong effect of showing the love of Christ to the college students and promote more gospel conversation!

After fall ball - Orange and Blue Game 7 - a few of the players that have been encouraged by the Baseball Bible Study and have made it out to dinner!

Paxton discusses the deeper meaning of life with some of the lady track athletes at the Lasagna Night.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord with YOU!

We're so grateful for your prayerful and financial partnership for the gospel. The Lord is doing great things here and it is an honor to be part of His action with you.

By the Numbers
Amount of Students contacted (Social, Large Group, Bible Study, Individual Meeting)
Men 53
Women 60
Coaches/Coaches Wives 19

This number expresses our current interest footprint - not an amount of disciples. We hope that many of these folks would come to know Jesus in a personal way and that the number would grow for God's glory.

Please Pray for the Gospel to be clear, impressionable, and contagious among these student athletes at Virginia. Join us in lifting up the campus in prayer that the Spirit would be moving exalting Christ as King in a broken world and reclaiming his children forever.