Today is the day I took a LEAP...

Today is the Day I took a LEAP!

Gone are the days of a "guaranteed" paycheck and known provision - At least that's what it can feel like!

Today was my final day as an employee of Decker Associates in the insurance world. As I reflect where God has brought me over the past few years... it's humbling. The future is a bit scary and unknown, but it's exciting.

My story, which many of you know is a story of much failure and some wandering, but even moreso it's a story of a faithful and sovereign God. When I was young I said I would never play football and I would never live in New Jersey. Funny - by playing football I moved to New Jersey.  While I may never completely understand how a NFL career didn't work out, by God's grace I have been refined throughout the journey. Now I am leaving New Jersey with a beautiful wife and two amazing sons. There was no company and no NFL to thank for these blessings in my life - but there is a God.

So while a company does not provide a salary for me any longer, God continues to sustain us and he will always. In fact, He is still raising up supporters who, by their faithful and generous giving, will sustain me, my family and the mission ahead.

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of sharing my story (God's story) with multiple community groups, friends, and even a prison ministry. I pray most importantly that those in attendance have walked away encouraged by the abundant grace that our God has to offer. Even for such a "wretch like me." Amazing Grace indeed.

I can not thank you enough for your support allowing me to do this and I can not express what you all mean to me.

On June 11th, a week from tomorrow, we pack up the Pod and trailer and head to the sunny South to pursue God's call on our lives.

If you have been considering joining our monthly financially team - Now is a great time to "Jump In" -- the water's WARM. Haha. But seriously -- Today is the day I took a leap, will you?

Grace and Peace
Connor and Bekah