Gone is Super Bowl 50... Now what?

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone... For-ev-er.. (pardon the Sandlot reference)

Two compete - For one a lifelong dream come true, the trophy and the glory. For the other mostly disappointment, maybe regret.

- But in 50 years will it really matter?

The work these men do on the field gains temporary treasures. We train athletes for the eternal ones!

How about you? What happened lately -Success- Failure?
-Rejoice! Fear not if your Eternity is secured in Christ! Dwell in his riches forever.
 -If you don't know him - Come! Taste and see that the Lord is good and you will NEVER be left disappointed and NEVER regret!

One day our lives will be GONE like Super Bowl 50 - then what?!

We can't wait to launch our ministry and make lives matter for eternity!

If you have not received your year end statement from CRU - You can find it and print it online at https://give.cru.org/dss/ViewReceipts

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Partners. We are so grateful for your supportthrough prayers and giving.

Haddon was named after the "H" in Charles H Spurgeon. Cheers to those who nailed it!

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Prayer Request

Please pray for: 
An increased appetite for God's word both for us and for our partners.
Our Upcoming Support Raising Trips to Anonymous Church, Christ Church South Phillly, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, and Charlotte. That God would raise up our entire team in the next few months!

If you know anyone that would be excited to hear about what we are doing please share the word. We need our whole team to launch this ministry!