Tour de Ft Collins

Tour de Ft. Collins

A huge thank you to all of our partners who made it possible for us to get out to Colorado! Through your gifts and most importantly your prayers we were able to experience God's grace in amazing ways.

God has already provided abundantly for us. As many know, we opted not to rent a car, but to rent bikes for the week. Well.. we proved the old proverb true, "a man makes plans but the Lord directs his path." The forecast in the land where we are told has 320 days of sunshine a year was rain, rain and more of the wet stuff. After coercing my pregnant wife go for a 5 mile bike ride in the "mist" on day one, we decided that we would have to trust in the Lord's provision for transportation while out in a rainy Fort Collins for the week. 

And, oh, was he gracious to provide. We met a cyclist from Boulder who was kind enough to let me drive his Colorado infused 1990 Forerunner (his description not mine) whenever we were in need to get to the store. And I met a "high rolling" pastor with a benz (220k miles+ on her) that shuttled us to and from our meetings. He was even gracious enough to invite us to his home for dinner on more than one occasion.

But the highlight of our week was learning more about our dependence on our Father's provision not just for transportation, but for our soul's greatest needs and for our daily sustenance as well. This is what makes getting into full time ministry so exciting.  We can't wait to get to "Grounds" as they say at UVA and share our greatest eternal hope with the students there.