You have the power to change the world.

You have the power to change the world!

     This sentence is one I have wrestled with for some time. How can someone like me change the world?

     Awe gripped me while listening to a friend of mine share his story. God powerfully and dramatically altered the course of generations within his family beginning with a “happenstance” presentation of the gospel on a college campus. After being moved by the message of Christ, he went home and shared his new found faith with unreceptive and even confrontational parents. Years of further conversations ensued along with many trips home with strategically invited Christian friends. Finally through occasional interactions with these “college kids” and, more importantly, God’s power, his once stubborn parents were radically transformed. The bonds of addiction which had gripped them were loosed and family relationships restored. But God didn’t stop there. His sister, a runaway at age 16, returned home no longer fleeing from the abuse doled out by her parents. And not alone, but pregnant and with a boyfriend.  The Spirit’s further pursuit quickly resulted in their coming to faith in Jesus. To this day they remain a testament to a Christ initiated and sustained marriage and the proud parents of children that also know the living God. Many lives restored, many wounds healed, and not just on earth, but for eternity.

One message, one night, one college student…..

 The brutal fact is that we have no power within, or of, ourselves to change the world, but the reality is...

God does.

And even more amazing -- He uses us, though small and weak, as instruments of change.