Head Football Coach Mike London Resigns

This past Sunday UVA Head Football Coach Mike London officially resigned. Thank you sincerely for your prayers for him and Receivers Coach Marques Hagans since the last newsletter. This is one of those times that the Answer to our prayer was for God to do something different and greater than we expected. It is still possible that coaches and staff may be retained when a new head coach arrives. Please pray for Coach London as he searches for a new job and for the current staff and coaches that they may even retain their jobs.

The search for Coach London's replacement is on and it's an important one. This coaching hire will also directly affect our engagement and access to the football team at UVA for years to come. Since Sunday my prayer has not been for a specific man to come and bring "Wins" to our program, though I am hopeful and compelled to ask in that manner -- Most importantly, my prayer has been that the Lord would place a new head coach that will aid in the greatest effect among the team and administration for the Gospel to take root and change lives. More than worldly success our hope is in God to radically change lives through the saving knowledge of Jesus. And that the eternal hope, trust, joy, and dependency in Christ will fuel lives for greater change in the community and on the field.  I hope you will join me in praying this way.  A head coach's perspective of our ministry can be a game changer as to how we get to relate to and pursue the players and other coaches for Christ.